Decentro Janutka

Decentro Media New Zealand


Decentralization and the technology driving it has opened up so many new possibilities for our civilization. The prospects of how amazing the future will be from what Decentro calls ‘the decentralution’ are so promising and much needed at this time in history. Embracing the importance of what is happening in the world right now with decentralization – Decentro Media was created to both track the technology, and give the people behind this planet wide change a chance to speak to the world about their vision for the future.
With a diverse background in reforestation, science (genetic research and toxicology), mathematics, education (High School Mathematics and Physics teacher), book publishing (Tree Weaver Sound: A Didgeridoo Adventure), educational game publishing (Dueling Samurai: A historic recreation of the end of the samurai civil), professionally travelling, blockchain, cryptocurrency and now online media – Decentro has a broad and experienced outlook which he brings to the decentralution. He is passionate about the Education and Poverty aspects of the UN Sustainability Goals in particular, having discovered a game changing truth regarding humanity and our relationship with Mathematics.
At SIGEF, Decentro will outline this discovery and it’s importance to global social development and our decentralized future in his talk titled: “Teaching Math to Goldfish.

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