Josie Ho

Singer & Actress
Hong Kong


Josie Ho is the icon for the new generation. Award-winning actress, rockstar, fashion icon and producer. She has starred in over 50 films and has been critically acclaimed worldwide from her gay film “Butterfly” (2004), Johnny To’s film “Exiled” (2008), “Dream Home” (2010), Stephen Sordenberg’s film “Contagion” (2011) to Derek Kwok’s film “Full Strike” (2015).
Josie Ho has received a plethora of nominations throughout her career and has taken the main prize in 2003 for The Best Supporting Actress “Naked Ambition” at the Hong Kong Film Awards and The Best Actress “Dream Home” at Sitges Film Festival 2010. She was also recently nominated at the 2011 Hong Kong Film Awards for The Best Actress “Dream Home” (2010). Apart from movie, she won The Best Supporting Actress at HK TVB Anniversary Awards with TV series “Tomorrow Is Another Day”.
Her latest produced movie “Full Strike” (2015) won the The Best Asian Film Awards at Neuchatel international Fantastic Film Festival. In 2017, she also won Best Supporting Actress with “In The Room” at Malaysia Profima International Film Fest and Awards 2017.
In recent years, Josie actives in the Hollywood movie shooting.

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