Brian Wilson

Cryptocurrency Evangelist and Impact Investor
USA, Japan


Brian is an experienced and respected cryptocurrency evangelist. He began his career in electronics and IT nearly 20 years ago. This primed him for a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and its importance. He moved to Japan to train on electronics and IT systems, during that time he became heavily involved in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. This prompt him into starting a Cryptocurrency bar. It is where he does meet ups and teaches Cryptocurrency Mining and the importance of this technology to the world. He also did podcasts for for a short time, reviewed and advised multiple ICO’s then became a partner of the biggest cryptocurrency farm in Israel called Capital76 a place of growing technology and innovation.
While serving in the US Navy for 6 years he traveled the world. He became concerned with the financial hardships people are experiencing globally due to wars, separation and economic inequality. He became a part of our team after meeting Yonathan and is considered an asset to decentralize the future. Brian agrees that we need to be the change we want to see in the world and we all need to start doing our part. This is his goal to see the end of wars, destruction, separation and economic inequality in the world.

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